Concept to Market Services:

Formulate end-to-end solutions for market entry, through developing the road map, to generating sales on to successfully establishing your business.

Rapidly establish a sustainable, high-value, long term market presence through the “5 Step” process

Identify local business partners, sales channels and key target customers

Build your business model around the "RULE of 3's"


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Reni Adebimpe

Ms. Reni Adebimpe joins BCM Group
We are pleased to announce that Ms. Reni Adebimpe has joined Bill Cairns Management Group as Marketing Research Analyst.
- August 2014 -


BCM Group

• Laura Cairns
has joined as Office Manager

• Wolfgang Raichle
has joined as European Affiliate


Buhler Group

The Buhler Group, Uzwil Switzerland
has engaged BCM Group to accelerate the growth of their North American coffee processing systems business working with major roasters.
- January 2013 -


M&O Perry Industries

M&O Perry Industries, Corona, CA
has hired BCM Group to supply business development, sales and marketing services to significantly ramp up sales of existing products, launch the introduction of integrated systems domestically and internationally and manage development of the Sales and Marketing Department.
- January 2013 -


Life Science Leader

Bringing A Billion-Dollar Drug To Market
A report on the world's 12 largest drugmakers shows that the average cost of bringing a product to market rose by more than 25% to greater than $1 billion in 2011.
- January 2012 -


Clinical Leader

Effective Medical Writing And Preparation For A Successful Clinical Submission
Submission reminders and points to consider for effective medical writing for a clinical submission.
- January 2012 -

Welcome to BCM Group
Strategic Consultation, Business Development, and Scientific Advisory Services

Bill Cairns Management Group, LLC is an international consultantcy working with US and non-US manufactures of pharmaceutical and medical technologies. We work at both the commercial and scientific level to create new business growth and industry presence in North America.

Established in 2005, BCM provides end to end business development, strategic planning, and product commercialization services to manufactures who prefer to work with a small, focused, and experienced organization.

In these challenging economic times, the optimal strategy for a company entering North America is to profit from BCM Group's progressive commercial model, real time involvement, scientific and industry experience. Our customized approach makes the difference absolutely necessary to be successful and significantly reduce your time to market.



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