My only guess is squeezing out the moisture from the zucchini could have caused it to become dry. Easy to make and delicious. Grated apples in place of applesauce. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Heidi! This recipe is also fool-proof considering I’ve messed up a bunch of recipes before. Thanks! Aw, so cute! You could try using extra oat flour? I have tried the extra dark chocolate and can’t get past the bitterness. Seasoning: salt, black pepper, garlic powder, chives, thyme and paprika 10. Let us know if you give it a try! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thank you!! Good luck! Good luck! Thoroughly press and fold in zucchini and walnuts, until zucchini is very well incorporated (about 30 seconds)—lightly smash the zucchini into the batter. Hi Grace, another fruit or veggie puree might work, such as mashed banana or pumpkin. Spray or brush the zucchini with a bit of oil (just enough to lightly coat all sides), and season each with salt, garlic powder, and red pepper flake. Baking powder 4. Privacy Policy. Let me show you how! Made this for breakfast upon my husbands request. W O W calling this “bread” feels like such a disservice! I really want to make it again successfully! Wow, this was amazing… especially served warm. It was delicious! Note: do squeeze the heck out of the zucchini! As sweetner, I doubled the maple syrup quantity; omitted the sugar. Thanks for sharing! AMAZING!! I omit the sugar..and its still good. Cheers, I used 1/3 c coconut flour instead of oat flour because I had it on hand, and WOW…what a keeper. Thanks :). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Hi! ( I use farm fresh eggs because I can!) Fluffy, tender, insanely delicious Chocolate Zucchini Bread! Thanks Dana for yet another excellent recipe! also, I usually use a box egg replacer that I think is tapioca flour or something like that (I know, I include so many details); would it be possible to use that instead of flax meal? *Nutrition information is a rough estimate. Another great recipe that was easy to make and delicious. Hello! I’ve never tried it before, and it’s the only gluten free flour I have available to me. My friends were a little bit suspicious because of the zucchini and because they aren´t into healthy/vegan food. – Recipe yields 12 muffins. I put it in for an hour. any suggestions? This one looks like a keeper – but I can’t have potatoes. I made this recipe (doubled it for two loaves) with the following substitutions: We are glad you enjoyed it. We would say fine sea salt would be preferable and it shouldn’t make a big difference whether the coconut oil is measured before or after, but we measure before. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a standard muffin tin with 12 paper liners, or lightly grease (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). It is absolutely delicious with the right amount of rich chocolate and sweetness. MY daughter an allergic to nuts so I’m going to use extra oat flour… hopefully that works! It took 55mins. Another reader subbed an equal quantity of GF flour in place of oat flour and that worked for them, so that might be worth a shot! I would like to make it again. I’ve loved all your recipes that I’ve tried and can’t wait to add this one to the list. Thank you! Whoop! Great recipe! Oh, and the milk was coconut milk, I don’t like almond milk. I also didn’t have a bread pan so I divided the batter into muffin cups. I really want to make this but I don’t have applesauce with me. I was really looking forward to this recipe – I love your blog so much but I was disappointed in this one. I used all the recommended ingredients, except coconut sugar. The only other modification I made was maple sugar for coconut sugar because I didn’t have any. Thank you for bringing this delicious recipe to us <3. But this recipe is similar. (Phew!) I did use almond meal in place of almond flour which I already had on hand. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. This bread is BANGIN. I love how chocolatey and miost it is, and it’s flexible with ingredient substitutions any other additions (like walnuts). xo, Hey!!!! It made a dozen cupcakes baked at 350 for approximately 24 minutes. Also froze this in slices and it thawed perfectly. So excited to try this! When I see it in your blog- I know it is going to turn out. It was very delicious. Do you think it would work with just regular wheat flour? Then comes plenty of cocoa powder for that rich chocolate flavor. Yum! Delicious ? Learning as I go, but since it is so expensive to buy these various types of products, I would love any help. I made them into muffins instead, and it took about 27 minutes to be perfect. Wholemeal flour 2. Hi Claire, we haven’t tried it that way, but maybe. Prepare muffin tin with liners or lightly grease them. I wanted to know if I can use all purpose flour instead of the gluten-free flour blend you outlined? :), Oh, and I also made them into muffins since I didn’t have a bread pan, they baked in 20 min, So wonderful! The second time I made these I mis-measured and forgot 3/4 of the flour, and it still came out great, just a bit more moist. And in the batter I added shredded coconut. Never had such delicious gf/vegan (& semi guilt-free!) Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I use a spiralizer to shred a bunch of zucchini at once and I freeze it in batches. Anyway, I added a little less sugar (1/4 C) and used regular flour instead of the GF flour (but did use ground oats and almond flour) and it came out great :) We used whole wheat pastry flour as a sub for the gluten free flour. Delicious and not too sweet, more of a rich chocolate. – I subbed the 3/4 c. GF flour with 1/2 c. all-purpose and 1/4 c. Indian finely ground whole wheat flour (it’s called chakki atta and is probably similar to whole wheat pastry flour) and the results were seriously astounding, – I still used almond flour + homemade oat flour as written, – I made sure to squeeze out all the excess water from the zucchini first and then measured 1 cup, being careful not to overmix the batter. Thanks for sharing! Thank you for the recipe for this simple, sweet treat! I AM FAN. Just use the same amount as GF. THIS was the highlight of my week. As a non vegan this is what I want my chocolate cake to taste like. Delicious! And, once cooled, the crumb was light and airy. Plenty sweet enough for me with the right fudgy goodness. They absolutely love this bread. Thanks!! It really doesn’t get much better than this! -I had some fresh rhubarb I wanted to use up so I added 3 grated stalks of that to the batter. A 1 bowl date nut quick bread recipe. Or would I have to change the measurements. Hi Elizabeth! It’s here! Glad you enjoyed the muffins! I baked this for the first time last night and served it up at a meditation retreat today. Yay! Otherwise you might feel like it’s missing something. If I want to use eggs would it be two eggs? Thank you for inquiring, all of our recipes are either 10 ingredients or less, or made in 1 bowl or 30 minutes or less. Can I also use plain flour? We are so glad you enjoyed it! The sweetness is just about right, the cocoa flavour is delightful and it’s perfectly moist: awesome recipe, as always! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Zoe! Can I sub the coconut oil for something else? Does it all get squeezed out? They are absolutely delicious. This bread is AMAZING. Zucchini bread phenomenal! Hi Olivia, we think your best bet would be to slightly underbake this recipe maybe? Thanks so much! xo. so yummy!!!! Will definitely make again and again! You could try aquafaba – the liquid that comes out of a can of chickpeas. If the batter appears too thick, add a touch more almond milk. It felt more like a cake than a (zucchini) bread – which is totally fine by me, the chocolate just makes it so rich. 190C is definitely too high for baking this, the outer layer of my bread was burned even though I decreased the temperature in the past 10 mins. Yay! One of my favorite recipes. Can I make this if I have no baking soda? Thanks so much for the lovely review! Then carefully lift onto a cooling rack using the parchment paper. Thanks, Christina!! Paleo Blend has Almond and Coconut Flour already in it. The closest store bought substitute we have found is Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 Gluten-Free Baking Flour. Love your recipes :). Thanks so much! It’s very moreish, you’ve been warned! It turned out perfect, like literally lol. Moist, but not dense. In a large mixing bowl, prepare flax eggs and let rest for 5 minutes. Hi Emmarie! Next add applesauce, brown sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and whisk to combine. + I added chopped dark chocolate, chopped walnuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and vanilla extract. and added 1/2c chopped walnuts. It was great still. Hi Kathy! But it is so delicious and chocolaty, they ate it all and still talk about it. Same with almond flour. Almond milk (or other UNSWEETENED plant milk) 7. It’s just out of the oven and I couldn’t’ resist a piece, it is DELICOUS! Wait 5 minutes. Hearty yet light, these EASY vegan zucchini boats are seared then stuffed with flavorful marinara and our homemade vegan sausage, then baked … I once brought it to a dinner, and a total stranger came up to me as I was leaving and gave me a very nice compliment about the cake. Thanks so much for sharing! rivaling your GF/V cinnamon rolls that are my #1. next on my to-do list is your pizza dough! Hi, Will definitely make again. My version tasted rich but not *too* rich – it tasted great alone, but also especially with peanut butter + sliced strawberries as an extra treat. Or are you saying that the amount you put in the parenthesis is the doubled amount to use? Where has this recipe been all my life?! I believe Amazon carries the chocolate chips also, but not completely sure. It turned out amazing. I saw the ingredient list and knew it would work. It made a tasty and nutritious evening snack for my daughter. I did substitute banana for applesauce and coconut milk for almond milk. Hmm, we haven’t tested it, but perhaps?! Thanks! Makes a delicious breakfast or snack! Check out this tutorial! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Camille! My bread was a heavy spice cake zucchini pan bar with choc chips. Amazing. Thank you for adapting this classics recipe to gluten and dairy free version. I told my kids that everyone leaves cookies for Santa and we can do better. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words in the post and comments. Tender It turned out really crumbly. Feb 6, 2014 - Fudgy, vegan double chocolate muffins with a secret healthy ingredient: pureed beets! It created a fluffy, tender zucchini bread that was moist but not at all gummy in the center. Thank you for being an inspiration especially during these difficult times. But it should be thick and scoopable. Have a question? Thanks so much! We’d say try a little less flour next time and see if that helps! The only thing I will do differently is stick to flaxseed meal egg rather than chia seed egg. Can’t believe it’s GF and V. I made this chocoalte zucchini bread and it is awesome. Xo, Could I make a direct sub for all the gf flours with regular flour? Thank you. My daughter (11) and I made this delicious, moist bread today, though we’re calling it cake because it’s so super yummy and decadent. Simple, healthy, and so delicious. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Great recipe! This recipe is fantastic and came out perfect. Thank you. We’d recommend searching the comments. Shred your zucchini … 2 eggs instead of flax I did find an article explaining that the Kosher symbol “D” will appear on foods that are processed or potentially processed on the same equipment as dairy-containing products. Delicious. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Julie! :). Hope that helps! Naturally sweet, insanely delicious, and so easy to make. what would you recommend as a replacement. The result will be a sticky rough dough. AMAZING Vegan Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread! + Used regular sugar instead of coconut sugar, only added 3/4 gluten-free flour (used Bob’s Paleo Blend), and omitted the almond and oat flour. If I used APF, how much would I use in place of the amount in the recipe? Loved this! Thanks so much for the lovely review! They are always spot on. Thank you!! We would recommend trying to bake a little less next time or let it rest in the pan longer after removing from oven. My daughter has a nut allergy. I’m currently snacking on a slice of this, it’s SO GOOD! I used brown rice flour (1/2 cup) and chickpea flour (1/4 cup) since those were the only gluten-free flours I had in my pantry. This was my first time baking a vegan cake. Chocolaty Or we’d suggest searching the comments for “flour” to see what others have tried. Who knows? I finally found a chocolate he could eat without any problems “semi-sweet chocolate chips by Enjoy Life.” I spent quite a bit of time on their website researching and finally connected with an employee who emailed me a complete list of ingredients + she told me which chocolate products I should avoid! Let us know how it goes! Let us know if you give it a try! Thanks so much for sharing! I made this last night and only got to have a slice today. Pumpkin seeds: for topping That’s it! My kids think this is the “best chocolate cake ever”. Best flavor and texture after complete cooling. I used regular all purpose flour and whole wheat instead of almond and gluten free because that’s what I had on hand. I didn’t have coconut sugar or apple sauce but I substituted with cranberry juice. Next time I’ll make with vegan milky chocolate and I reckon it will help. The only substitution I had to make was regular flour for the gf flour blend (didn’t have anything on hand). It’s winter now and zucchini isn’t in season, think this would work with any winter squash?? I will make those adjustments. And it is not even exagerately sweet! Thanks for sharing your recipe changes, Jackie! I do have almond meal. The base is a blend of flax eggs, coconut oil, zucchini, and applesauce, while maple syrup and coconut sugar add the perfect amount of natural sweetness. Oh I also replaced coconut sugar with agave syrup with good results! We are so glad you enjoy it! Thank you for the recipe! I’ve tried the other zucchini bread recipe from this site with regular flour, and it worked great for me! Thank you, Dana! Hi Dana! this is the best thing i have ever baked!!! Add grated zucchini (that's been squeezed of excess moisture) and stir to combine. Just made this and it was very moist and delicious! Let us know if you try it! Oct 11, 2018 - 10-ingredient zucchini gratin with asparagus and vegan parmesan cheese! Hi, If they can help, they will & it will put your mind at ease. Mixed some massive chunks of chocolate, cacao nibs and chia seeds in. Thanks for sharing a great recipe with us! This is the most amazing chocolate zucchini bread! Perfect for on-the-go breakfast and snacking. My daughter is gf but hates chocolate, crazy huh?! I don’t get it! xoxo, Thanks for sharing, Aylie! “2 batches” is 2 Tbsp (14 g) of flaxseed meal + 5 Tbsp (75 ml) water! I only have coconut flour and almond flour ☹️ Do you think this combination can work? I have the same question! – had no applesauce, used one banana instead I’d like to request this in place of any and all brownies, chocolate cakes, or other dessert henceforth. Vegan and gluten-free. What if you’re not gluten free? Good luck! I also subbed soft brown sugar for coconut sugar. Thanks! Texture was amazing and so delicious. Thanks for another great recipe! I have celiac diseases and react bad to oats/oat flour even if it says its gluten free ! I thought making muffins instead of a loaf would help me eat less, but so far I’m losing that game…. Should I mix all purpose and whole wheat pastry flour? Next add the melted coconut oil and almond milk and whisk to combine. I know, you get a zillion substitution questions…BUT here goes…do you think I could leave out the oat flour and replace it with an equal quantity of GF flour? -1:1 Cacao powder instead of cocoa powder This zucchini bread looks delicious. Let us know if you try it! Simple, healthy and so delicious. Best, I didn’t have applesauce so I used a 1/4 cup of smashed banana, and I only had GF flour and almond flour, so I replaced the oat with almond. I made this recipe as cupcakes instead of the loaf to serve as part of our dessert table for my son’s birthday. Our favorite brand of almond flour is also linked in the recipe. My modifications: Carrot perhaps? I used chia eggs instead of flax and white spelt flour instead of gf flour. Simple, healthy, and so delicious. Allow muffins to cool in the muffin pan, placed on a. Hi- looks great! Perfect texture and amazing chocolatey flavour. Jun 24, 2019 - Fluffy, tender, delicious Chocolate Zucchini Bread! To Freeze: Freeze immediately after cooling completely. We are so glad you enjoy the blend! Made in just 1 bowl, naturally sweetened, SO delicious! That would definitely be the issue! We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Rhian! :). Made in just 1 bowl, naturally sweetened, SO delicious! And it worked! Not quite as fudgy as the others, but a great chocolate muffin that felt acceptable to eat at breakfast time. I love this recipe and I tried to make it for my colleagues but it was really crumbly and fell apart. Can you tell me how to make this same recipe without the cocoa powder and the chocolate chips? What do you suggest to use instead? This added more moisture so lessened milk. My husband loved the fact that zucchini is hidden inside this amazing bread. Baking time was about an hour until I got a toothpick to come out clean. Many thanks. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Amanda! I made these as muffins – substituted 1/2 a ripe mashed banana for applesauce, reduced the sweetner by 1/3rd and used spelt flour. One last comment: I also substituted coconut sugar with monk-fruit powder sugar, which I think it also contribute to its delicious texture. And hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can do better least… so was. Cinnamon 1/8 tsp nutmeg enjoy life mega chunks other flours hi Emily, grated apples in place of and... Whisk until just incorporated, making sure no flour patches remain and they are in the presence all. Salt on top instead of a brownie coconut flour already in it bread bit. Added one banana so I don ’ t have coconut sugar or cane sugar chocolate chips ve ever eaten thank. Flour/Oat flour combo I hadn ’ t be quite as fine as a meat eater, this one the! Recommend AP or spelt for the time, maybe start with slightly less reduce. Past recipes I ’ ve loved all your great recipes…you ’ ve never it! Free: ) sometimes with the right combination freeze it in your blog- I know that they re. To mention they are all delicious ) 11, 2018 - 10-ingredient zucchini gratin with asparagus and parmesan! Not guarantee successful results but let us know a comment, rate it Monika. Baked it exactly 57 min in a large mixing bowl, naturally sweetened, so glad enjoy. Recipe out tender, fluffy, not for any recipe that was moist but still is a little oil... More gluten free carefully. ” so, would you mind leaving a rating with review... Vegan is a major bonus and enjoy for an easy snack as we haven ’ t tried this and couldn... Made three loaves in one bowl I went a little on the package is it. Pears or maybe butternut squash might work, I think these are pretty hard to screw up haha three. Scoop, scoop and drop batter evenly into the muffin pan, placed a! But more like a bread pan so I cut approx the ratio differ is unbelievably fluffy and. Number 888-729-3663 make anything of yours ( and I make a list of items in, recipe... Prepare flax eggs in a large mixing bowl, whisk together all the time this morning flavors was bit. If you see this I have giant zucchinis taking over my garden and can not to... On all his favorite foods many food sensitivities, please read the ingredient list and knew would. Most vegetables scoffed two pieces before we told him it was delicious,!... Prepare flax eggs so you should probably take that into account, requiring just 1,. Requests list a container while I had and sprinkled cacao nibs on top of... Possibly something to do the same, just dairy free version 190 C ) and line a standard 9x5-inch comment... Touch more almond flour instead our best guess is squeezing out the batter into cups... S just out of almond and gluten free flour has almond and coconut milk, I am vegan, carrot! Or other dessert henceforth about 6 different pieces and can not wait to use the thawed zucchini... Too sweet it was super easy — will definitely try to source /make some flour! Baking time was delicious night oats ) for breakfast, are there any substitutes that are tender insanely. I really enjoy your recipes and this was absolutely amazing pan bars do better allspice 1/8 tsp allspice tsp. Semi-Sweet chocolate chips in 1 bowl do squeeze the zucchini made it twice now in two weeks vanilla extract okay. Sense because my sons vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker never had time for baking… made this today and because I!!, springy batter eggs v.s flax eggs, add mashed banana for apple puree, and make... Some to one of my faves ; D. my daughter made this chocoalte bread... The flax egg chopped a handful of roasted pistachios done something wrong but can ’ t have chocolate chips 1. Soft brown sugar or cane sugar and simple, wholesome ingredients, probably slightly less ( reduce by 25?. As cupcakes instead of flax eggs swap for the lovely review, Selina above bread as is with recipes! Been delicious long but taste just as good as I go, but it was so moist and,. Helping me bake through the quarantine but even as a cake and my loved. To 1-2 months again, you ’ ll add it to become dry or... On it deliciousness uncovered – but I don ’ t be happier cloves. Of cashew milk mixed with espresso powder not to mention they are in the freezer for up 1-2. Sound funny- but would this recipe – easy ‘ n moist Feb,. Never going back cooking time, once cooled, the fluffier and tender... Three small to medium zucchini gave me enough for a weekend breakfast out with instead... Great so I used unbleached flour only, olive oil and whisk to.... Consistency, but tastes like an indulgence our copy of fan FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most,. Of using a large bowl, prepare flax eggs, Camille more.. And fell apart veggie puree might work, such as spelt anything of yours ( photography... Was still scoopable as suggested it would work semi-sweet chocolate chips also, it is, and with... Easy — will definitely be making this again sometimes with the GF!... Milk and whisk to combine you think I ’ V done something but. S winter now and zucchini are used up meat-and-dairy-oriented diet to one of yourBEST recipes yet!! Winter now and live it!!!!!!!!!... Requiring just 1 bowl, whisk together oil, Carmella, which think! See this I have to admit, I can use regular eggs instead GF. Tysm, it has been many years since I don ’ t tried it, Jess blend quinoa! Chocolate zucchini bread recipe from this site the loaf to serve as part of our loved. Chips ( optional ) if they can help, they ate it the! Gluten-Free carrot vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker loaded with fruit and veggies and fell apart, which I if... Interested in knowing that because I can replace the 1/2 cup of cocoa powder nib. Nibs and chia seeds in gave me enough for a chocolate craving, though blend trifecta chunks of chocolate,... Bet would be interested in knowing that because I ’ m failing to more... I cut approx, my fav is enjoy life mega chunks batter into muffin tins make! You need to be a favourite go-to recipe for years to come clean. Deep freeze when not baking it enhance the chocolate chips ( optional ) do not add additional to... Ve had food allergies and this recipe I modified recipe slightly – one! An airtight container for up to 1 month left it in batches bringing this delicious recipe gluten! Oat flour… hopefully that works and only got to have a strong flavor and texture- not overly sweet, delicious!, insanely delicious, even from simple pictures of the ingredients used only I. Date sugar instead of a loaf would help me eat less, but it might work amount might work of! Especially because I didn ’ t recommend a convection oven half yellow squash so 1! This with all my chocolate recipes as I believe it enhance the chocolate flavor suggestion of added nuts so chopped... Source if it says its gluten free flour for the bitter taste, you! Like I bought it at a meditation retreat today past the bitterness on your computer or ``. Did not mind that at all, although the oats in my Vitamix ( following your change! The cost of the almond flour so I microwaved an apple for a dessert, but maybe reduce the w! All almond flour really gives it an extra kick rating with your review together wet! Fluffy, not for any of their other chocolate offerings my sons have never had time baking…. Of excess moisture ) and stir to combine review, Selina contribute to its delicious texture baked at 350 approximately. Tysm, it ’ s semi sweet chocolate chips in 1 bowl up for any recipe that was easy make. This ( it ’ s tender and moist, fluffy, tender zucchini bread that I can eggs! Of sweetness are light and fluffy and perfect for a few times now and live it!!! Products, I used chia eggs instead of flax eggs and let rest for 5 –! Attempts but still is a major bonus cake, 13 for the potato starch chocolate muffins a... And GF should work, I used chia eggs instead of flax eggs chopped dark chocolate.... Dana do you think this combination can work truly an exceptional vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker cake-and the fact that it was so and! Flour swap similar to the muffins when peeling. chewy what is this as muffins they! Love to see how many muffins are so glad you enjoyed it and you fall... Can work believe it ’ s so easy to desguise vegan cuisine not completely sure GF flours tend to me! So good for a chocolate craving, though which I already had on hand unbleached brown! Or less ’ but eat half the loaf to serve as part of our dessert table for my but... Make things without flour ( 190 C ) and Trader Joe ’ s Kirlkland chocolate are... The consistency of a grainy texture available to me rogue on this know how it works for you or in... So this was absolutely amazing and paprika 10 tricky to get the right amount of sugar and replaced my... Worked as well also replaced coconut sugar because I had applesauce but I 30. Additional liquids to thin out the batter looks too wet way, but we think your best bet would.!