The sweet cherries with the tartness of the granny smith apples, delicious!! Add water, Margarine, sugar and salt. Bake 30 minutes at 300. Stir in 1 tsp. Mix until well-blended. Dump remaining pie filling into the cornstarch slurry and mix until combined. Mix first set of ingredients like a pie dough -- cut a circle the size you want your pie.wet the edges with water and fill with your favorite pie filling -- about 1 heaping tablespoonful. Pour pie filling over mixture, then sprinkle with nuts and top with Cool Whip. 5 ingredients. 14. Amish Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe. ! Amish Pleasures, Inc. All rights reserved. As much as I love baking, I love making chocolate dipped candies just as much, if not more. Drop rest of batter on top and spread. In a bowl. This cherry pie filling is super simple and only requires a handful of ingredients. This prize-winning Amish sour cherry pie made by … In fact, I first shared this recipe back in 2011 – the post and photos have just gotten a few upgrades since then.