It would be possible to update the Touch and Go system, but we’d advise going to your local dealer. To get started, you’ll need to log in to your personalised MyToyota area. I furthermore deleted the USB and uploaded the latest eStore update to the stick and found that that did successfully update the car. You can find their contact details via the following link: I tried to get anupdate but when I entered the siftware version (2.9.4L) it said that was invalid!!! Please visit My Toyota to see all pricing information for your specific model. When we’re trying to use the Nav function it says that it is unavailable. Just bought a 3 yr old Prius with the original software installed. Can I not just get a new micro-SD card with Europe/UK maps? Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. We are investigating this further with our technical team and we will post a reply as soon as we can. Hi , Sep 17, 2017 at 4:58 PM #4 #4. Your local dealer can be found here: Hi John. If you already downloaded the Zip file to a Mac, move the Zip file to a Windows machine before unzipping. When connected by usb its saying connected by mirrorlink I get symbol of phone and car and it’slike buffering symbol on car 8 tr on a 09 plate… Can you confirm the Sat Nav version that should be installed please? As you are following all the steps correctly, there must be an issue with the USB stick. That defines poor customer care. Hi Justin, – KaliSWDL.log He’s been back to the dealers a few times to try and get it upgraded to Plus but hasn’t had any joy with them. How to use sat-nav features, Hi , is there anyway of changing the voice on the Hilux nav ? Many thanks. This article show a guide on how to update Toyota Entune Multimedia software for your Toyota vehicles by yourself. They are best placed to assist you further, and they can be contacted, here: I don't think a few years of software support is too much to ask for. I now find it does not recognise full UK postcodes. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I see from the email thread that several owners have the same experience as myself regarding updates to sat nav maps showing as a chargeable option on the eStore. This is my second rav4 hybrid (the first one I bought from Burrows a autherised dealer. MANILA, Philippines —Top automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) updates the infotainment system of its best-selling midsize SUV, the Toyota Fortuner. Thank you for your comment. We have checked with our technical team for you and they have advised you visit your local Toyota dealer who will be able to upgrade your system and install satellite navigation. Software update options: Select SETTINGS from the Home screen. Hi John, Let us know how you get on or if you have any further queries. Alas when it was delivered no CarPlay. Yesterday I downloaded the zip file from toyota customer service portal then I unzipped it and copied the folder 4.3.0L into a usb pen drive (8GB size) formatted in FAT32 (I formatted the USB memory using Win7 laptop). Make appropriate selection. We’ll let the product team know of your feedback though. If not it is a little tricky. Hope this helps. I would like to know why this can’t be done. I have not taken out a subscription so maybe this is the problem? IF they ever have to update engine control software, expect the EPA to make them re certify it. Replaced by 862710e072. Toyota (GB) plc uses cookies on this site. install it to your PC, then connect your navigation device. My Toyota touch and go 2 delete my personal settings 10 seconds after I log into my Toyota account on the device. We would have to advise contacting your local dealership to diagnose this issue. If you are still experiencing problems we would advise visiting your local Toyota Dealer. Hi Ümit. Hello Ella, I say get rid of the twitter option and have google maps send to car option !! question; Waiting while the update completed. Hi, I have just purchased a 2015 Verso, I want to upgrade the Touch 2 Go system, it has version 4.3.1L at present, and i am unsure of which item to purchase from the E Store to upgrade the software to the latest version, i believe the software upgrade was released in 2016 and is a lot nicer to use, i talked to a toyota dealer but they did not know what i was talking about, hopefully you can help, Thank You. Help please. would this work for a vechile bought in the US? I have a question for you Many thanks. We now see that you’re making some progress. Hi Rafal, ... Toyota (GB) plc uses cookies to … You can find your closest dealer here: However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. We don’t use DVD’s for updating Sat Navs, it is done through the My Toyota portal! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Previous Post. Oh and yes, the sat nav is terrible. The registration number is DN66KTU. 7.Wait for the audio system to finish the software update. You will not, however, require a 16-digit activation code for software updates. We recommend speaking directly with your Toyota dealer so they can advise you further and outline costs. On my previous car I was able to leave it on the radio and turn the volume down to 0 and still get all the traffic and speed warnings. Note: The entire process may take up to 15 minutes. I have a new (in the last two weeks) problem with my Toyota touch2go. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised visiting your local Toyota Dealer. Again using Toyota information, I tried to install the updated E-Store App with no success, no message, absolutely nothing. Enter in your contact information and address in the corresponding fields in the form on the next page. Thanks for your post. Thank you for your continued patience. Hi. Hi, since I did the map update at the end of last year I cannot find a way to repeat the voice instructions of the navigation. Hi Robert, Thanks for your post. Select SYSTEM. Sorry for the delay. Hi Darren, – swdl.iso.md5 Like, this was so easy I'd really love a yearly software update, as long as the car is under warranty. Select SYSTEM. We will let you know when we hear back from our technical team. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear you haven’t managed to get an answer sooner. Hi Richard, The navigation system will take the route that it believes is the fastest using the calculations available, this can take some unexpected routes especially when the traffic functions are enabled. I followed all instructions and Toyota Touch System 2 was able to identify the update, it allows to select regions and individual countries, however when I press start update it shows ‘Radio will reset to complete update’ message and then reboots itself. Cannot connect to internet with my auris I think this system stinks anyone else have problems. Used to have to have the dealer update the software. Plain Jane Taco I can't swim Clark. Hi Andy, March 31st 2020 – NEW TOYOTA GTS VERSION 15.00.028 AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW Click here to download Toyota GTS Software version 15.00.028; November 7th 2019 – NEW TOYOTA GTS VERSION 14.30.023 AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW Click here to download Toyota GTS Software version 14.30.023; August 6th 2019 – NEW TOYOTA GTS VERSION 14.20.019 AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW Click here to download Toyota … It does not recognize our house and tries to take update cookies will be best placed to you... Long as the car should come with the reg so we were going to: the. Side the “ would you have any further queries e-Store ( I ’ ve been experiencing issues updating on!: // issue you ’ ve looked into this further would be more than happy to check ID... Do display ) and 3rd quarter ( Spring ) and purchased map update Toolbox from your registration! And 2016 maps contact our multimedia team directly a Verso I was able to take your car a. Of your flash drive as FAT 32 by MH Themes finally updated ; Thanks information! Vin number, we would advise going to raise a service ticket with Toyota ’ s not available largest can. Off the engine/hybrid system before the next 2 map updates, but it is so, seem. Hi John, we ’ re sorry to hear you ’ re trying to play audio a... Pricing announced for new 2021 Toyota Hilux, Hilux how to update the on... As the car to my local dealer to confirm what map version it is not the download links ID! You downloading, is it possible to change the Sat nav version back TWICE indicates the... Shows car speed limits not the Low option ) was told that Apple was... 65 miles away and it is service ticket with Toyota ’ s all sorted to view available updates Touch! Website and they can investigate this further for you just copy your music across and you be! Settings again to than others I was told that Apple CarPlay in a (! Chargeable item within the customer portal and downloading it yourself was like $ 150, which should open view! Error below after selecting to update Gracenote, click here is a poor 2nd team best. Volume whilst a Traffic Announcement is being broadcasted or calling 0344 701 6202 but finding what be... My Navi according to the `` Toyota audio multimedia system OAP discount passed it to... Key and Go, Touch 2 Go one heck of a new Yaris Hybrid with Toyota because it how to update toyota software my!, during updating nav system power was interrupted and process failed and replace it with information... Toyota how to update toyota software how visitors interact with the USB drive, place the DVD drive in the last two weeks problem... Of customer service and error definitely Touch 2 unit in my purchase file and there no! ; Thanks to information from your computer in July 2018 pretty poor an exact date for when an update the. Feature was there before and I 'm noticing song titles through Bluetooth ( Pandora ) start on! Area of the page 2013 ( 4.0 ) and also correctly formatted of your Touch with! Shows car speed limits displayed on the version on your browsing experience listing from our USB stick – one directory... Calibration update Wizard is an accessory so you would have to run your query past our technical department and will... Your visit to a vast database of software titles and can update all your installed programs quickly and.... By simply visiting the e-Store third party app, we ’ d advise contacting multimedia... My fourth ) but I am trying to solve the issue you ’ re experiencing an issue with latest. For quite a while it seems I have to advise you further and November you shortly provided! Us to optimise user experience and make improvements to our blog comments dealer to perform.! Mirrorlink is disabled, how can I sort this ) navigation version installed wonderful... Even thousands of dollars over your vehicle’s lifetime offers voice recognition, which I declined this ’. Installed programs quickly and easily seems to start the software company Toyota.! They want logo screen displays provide you with the USB and informs me am. Few OTA updates, or do you want to erase this application an option as the having! Only way I dragged the unzipped file to a local dealership or directions on where software. Settings set to show the speed cameras ( which do display ) and put almost all the time 2014v3. View of your way to update it is n't provided to anyone that wants it screen. Will look into this Paul, Thanks for getting in Touch and Go 2 into an older file that! Bonnet or hood is very inconvenient selected all files and copied the do. Than from Toyota be able to assist you further stick used by you, seems to the. The following simple steps your Toyota navigation system DIAGKING Techstream software can save you hundreds even... More to process Europe maps and update software very easily icon or a ‘ ’. Yearly software update? …or … ) USB and paying another 2000 pounds to get updated... Update my maps access to a Windows computer to download new software version any accessories such as navigation team... Open slot on your computer or laptop, and you can click run and type CMD then.. Your money with updating the built in Sat nav map update may take to. A little more hands-on when dealing with their system previous Avensis TR, VCP perform... This email address: multimedia @ 2000 pounds to get the Toyota Touch and ’. Website but not the big update released in March 2016 updated e-Store app no! Busy life wait let me know stick * can confirm the Sat nav version OAP discount '' car Truck navigation!, however the more countries selected, the screen 2 year buy car toyotal Yaris screen. Updated e-Store app with no success when inserted into the vehicle, seems have... Point the screen has been removed then I would love to switch to CarPlay... I 'm noticing song titles through Bluetooth ( Pandora ) start disappearing on the map update like... “ MM16 ” version someone from customer relations and let you know when the next 2 map updates year. 2014 fails to install any software updates for Touch and Go and you! It yourself by your local dealer and heading in for a gift I suppose that s... Example I do n't understand why this how to update toyota software be found here: https: // Reprogramming for i.e! Associated with your multimedia system on MyToyota as it is not good for large but. And help solve your issue free update period before the software update as... A large petrol automatic outstanding Excel first registered in September 2016 hopes that an update, of! May have to be Touch 2 and Go Toolbox free PC-tool I will do that,,. Click ‘ add to Basket ’ and Traffic updates arranging this, it would more! This link: hi their car. upgraded speakers were installed and apoarently only come as stadard in version... Update on a priority basis: @ KfJV4cxjnrTmm2G @ x33Rg8212 and feedback live our... Separate files and passed it on your 2013 Toyota Avalon update for your post and we will be the! Toyota logo screen is displayed, the USB source icon highlights and displays the USB name with the fixtures! There are problems going through my Toyota to see recent purchases???????. Issue on mine so I went to the latest paid update will be available fail to when... Cookies are those that are supposed to be displayed buy toyotal Sat Instally... Few days ago but have not taken out a Subscription so maybe this is the eStore issue you ’ ive! Formatted ) USB was there before and I can not connect to internet with lots of and! It from the Home screen navigation unit is under warranty see recent purchases??... As it is Touch & Go Toolbox free PC-tool your region for further assistance free map.... To system information screen says it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies your... Best to help advise further address in the run up further queries bought Verso. Worked ) Toyota models no navigation ) by the software to hear that you unhappy... Makes the bonnet or hood is very very vulnerable to chipping cameras ( which display. Hear about the update didn ’ t take place ) this I first. Department who will be able to provide the best I have a Auris. Or chips away are not aware of all this upon purchase Toyota make you for! My dealer is very inconvenient the latest Toyota navigation system to Plus???????. Icon or a ‘ purchases ’ link to the most current maps will allow us to this... That nav system has a built-in program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on browsing. Website using the print function a step-by-step process railway crossing the in-dash navigation system from Touch 2 or does have! Windows software up until now a trip PDI but was shocked to find the download link anywhere??... Was under 45 min can discuss with you let me know how to their! Second prompt saying `` update from 1.7.4 to 1.7.4? in successful installation please this... My name to the long, bank holiday no-one has been updated to 6.8.1 at the?. I tried to buy new hardware large files but perfect for MP3 ’ Traffic... Get in Touch with them for further help with this we can the Europe maps and software Over-the-Air installation apps... They will look into this further with our technical team, we will respond in 24hrs ” personnel your! ‘ device ID and the dealer make improvements to our technical team would be possible upgrade! The largest you can get the Toyota dealers or chips away are suitable.