I thought silken was the softest type of tofu… and after googling silken firm tofu, I can’t find anything. I also made mini quiches without a base In a muffin tin. Sautéed red bell peppers add a little bit of crunch and sweetness. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! I made mine without vegan butter and used diced potatoes because they were what I had. Hash brown crust?!!? I made this today with spinach instead of broccoli, and it was great, thank you! Would it be possible to freeze the left overs? Your recipes have made my vegan days so much brighter and better–thank you for teaching me to cook things I am not afraid to present to non-vegan friends! It seems to just range from silken to extra firm. question: Should I leave these separate until tomorrow or mix together and let sit in fridge until tomorrow? I Googled ‘vegan quiche’, and came across your recipe (I have, of course, been to this fabulous blog before though!!) I don’t know anything about this yeast and wonder if it is simply for the taste? Thank you! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? We haven’t tried it, but that might work. Let us know how it goes :D. Hi! The hashbrowns really make this recipe. And it’s easy to make! I’m going to keep trying! Your recipes are all so inspiring! Toss to coat, then use fingers to press into the pan and up the sides to form an even layer. Firm tofu as a vegan egg substitute, best healthy no crust, oil-free, egg-free, whole foods quiche, smells and looks and tastes wonderful. Love the colors. Let us know if you try it! Amazing…. Amazing quiche, even my meat eating husband loved it. Hi Patricia, we would recommend giving it a try with silken tofu next time! This quiche is an amazing dish! Glad you recovered! Satisfied my egg-like quiche craving and was a bit hit with my dad for Easter dinner. I did add a little black salt for egginess and turmeric for color. It was great my only dislike was the base, maybe I made the base to thick because it was still all soft and discolored by the end of it. The potato base is amazing, what a treat. Made this for the first time tonight and turned out well! Add tofu mixture to sautéed vegetables, stirring to combine well. Each holiday we make at least one or two of your recipes and they’re always big hits! We are taking extended measures to ensure the safety and wellness of our team members and communities at this time. I made this for a family birthday lunch as an ‘extra’ for vegan and vege family members. HI Karen, You can buy “silken firm” tofu in the international isle of your grocery store. Your recipes are amazing. Arrange bell pepper slices decoratively on top and bake until pastry and the top of the pie are golden brown, about 50 minutes. Hello! I added kala namak one time, but honestly it doesn’t even need it (who misses sulfur anyway?). When I read how easy it would be, how healthy it is and how stellar the comments/reviews were… I made a decision to snap out of my quotidian banality, try something new and cook it the following day. Hi Debbie, if backing down on the salt, it won’t be quite as flavorful. If you have just read this recipe and miss quiche you NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE – go make it NOW!!!! I didnt have any potatoes on hand, but did have some amazing vegan frozen crust. When the quiche crust is ready and the veggies are soft, add the tofu sauce and the cooked leeks inside the quiche crust, combine the leek and tofu with a spoon. I’m confused with the silken tofu. I made this for the first time yesterday…in the words of my husband “it was slamming!”…thank you for sharing this recipe. When you take out the crust, lower oven heat to 400 degrees F (209 C). They’re both subtle and not the main flavor profiles anyhow. Hope that helps! The first time I tried tofu my friend baked a block for me, slathered in BBQ sauce and called it dinner. Is the tofu an extra-firm block or a silken (as soft) half pint ? Thanks for the tip, Kirstie :D. Great recipe. This quiche got eatten faster and got more compliments than any of the ones I bought! I made this today, and my husband and I loved it! You might be able to, but it likely won’t get as creamy. I also used a variety of leftover veg. It made me remember how much I used to love quiche. Hi there, do you think this recipe would taste okay if I add black salt for more if an “egg” flavor/smell? This is delicious! The result blew me and my fellow eaters away. Potato gratings should be rinsed vigorously in a colander under running water to release starch. Your recipes are always so delicious and simple, I think they could turn the whole world vegan. It seems extra firm silken tofu may be a little more difficult to find than we expected. Fill the pre-baked tart case with a layer of asparagus and petit pois (if using). Thanks Danielle! Thank you! Yes. & Convincingly close to the real thing. The crust turned out more like a doughy crust than a hashbrown crust, but it was very good. I have made this recipe several times and it has always turned awesome. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Nah, it’s a completely different type of yeast. I followed the recipe exactly, with a tiny addition, half broccoli and half asparagus. I am also one of those vegans. Thanks so much for sharing this! Thanks for sharing! I am not vegan, but I host a large annual holiday brunch that includes vegans, so I made this last year and am getting ready again to make it again this year. It is delicious. So even if you’ve never attempted a quiche before, I have faith that you can nail this version. Beyond words. Cook on medium high until the onions It looks delicious! Super yummy. I used firm tofu and added a little turmeric for an eggy color. The flavors are really nice. is. I made this today and it is really nice. It was surprisingly good! Veggies I had on hand were broccoli, mushrooms, and an onion (instead of roasting the mushrooms I sautéed in vegan butter with minced garlic). Wonderful recipes, thank you for sharing the food love! And if so, how long would they last in the freezer? It comes together so fast. This is so funny. Even if it doesn’t taste like a quiche (which, I will repeat, I think it does anyway), it’s a dang good casserole at the least. My wife thought it was a little bland. Thank you for this recipe. Good luck not eating it all in one sitting after you tastes how good it is! Spoon the quiche mixture into the sauté pan with the vegetables, and stir to combine. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I made it crustless in a muffin pan (or tin muffin cupcake liners to be exact). Yesterday I did half yukon golds and half yams and it worked great. Whoop! Can’t stop making it! Bravo, Minimalist Baker! I never see the two combined though. Let us know if you try it! I made the quiche base as instructed. We’re so glad it turned out well! It’s a keeper! Unknowingly, I used a finer grater than I probably should have for the potatoes. This quiche is simple! I changed this up to suit our taste and it was really out of this world good. The filling sounds amazing–can’t wait to try it! Made this at the weekend! I don’t think my grandparents even knew that there were no eggs in it. Thanks soooooo much! I made it on Christmas Eve for Christmas breakfast and it reheated great in the morning. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your tips, Celia! Guess I need to give it another try? Preheat oven to 350F. It is also a source of B-12 and other vitamins which is why it’s called nutritional. This was absolutely fantastic, and tasted exactly like spinach artichoke dip!! (and again). Hope this helps! This was AMAZING! Also I doubled the recipe and used two small casserole dishes adding time to it cooking since it was thicker than a pie pan. My question is in making the tofu mix a bit fluffier. He is not missing those eggs with this recipe. It’s easy to make and a great way to eat healthy … Anxious to try this!! It’s even nice cold with pickle. Total winner! I am not a cook but this looks easy and I have almost all the ingredients. I did spritz the pans but that was it and it still turned out incredible. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, April! I used pre-made frozen hashbrowns, which worked well(yay lazy!). Thanks so much for your continuing inspirations. This recipe is so damn good! I used onion and mushrooms as the filling and put sliced tomatoes on top before baking. I made this last night and it’s amazing! The hashbrown crust is happy making :). I want to bake it once I get to in laws rather than reheat, but would like it as close to ready as possible. If not, try Follow Your Heart VeganEgg. This will be a weekly stable now. First you bake a crust, then you put it out of the oven, prepare vegetable. – Also, I added rosemary and thyme to the potatoes and it was amazing! With the store bought ingredients this recipe was SO easy and still delicious!! Not necessarily, but it does inject a lot of flavor. Cut the reserved zucchini slices in half and press them into the top of the quiche in a decorative fashion. If you’d like to add zucchini, I’d say first roasting it with the other veggies and adding to the quiche! I recommend the book at amazon. I was confused about the tofu because the description said extra firm AND silken, but I scanned the comments and realized it was in fact silken tofu we are to use. This was an easy recipe to follow and so delicious! Add to pie dish and drizzle with melted vegan butter and 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). Loved the hasbrown bottom! I am a bit of an unadventurous vegan – I love eating adventurous food, but I when I cook for myself, I tend to just make the same old boring staples. Toss with 2 Tbsp olive oil and a healthy pinch each salt and pepper and toss to coat (amounts as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). Next time I’ll add another potato for the crust and put it all in a 10-inch pie pan. Please, do! Worked wonderfully. Not too comfortable with the grated potato crust so will do a standard wheat/oil one and use chickpea water with cream of tartar… hang on, that’s a wholly different recipe. That’s all I have at the moment so if that’s possible I’d love to make or for Christmas breakfast!! I used silken firm tofu instead of extra firm, Sabra pine nut hummus, and Simply Potatoes o’brien style hash browns. I pressed the tofu too (habit). Not quite as firm, but it totally set up. You really nailed it with this one! Try to get either a firm silken, or a soft (not silken). :). A vegan quiche with no eggs but lots of vegetables, nuts, and tofu. My nephew will try a lot of things I make but will only eat seconds if he really likes it. I want to make these as mini quiches for my baby shower! Tried to simplify it by using frozen mixed bag of vegetables with added frozen spinach. Amazing! Blend it in a high speed blender like the Vitamix until smooth … Hi! It turned out great! Quiche is a classic French dish usually made from cream or milk and eggs. For starters, the crust is just hash browns (making the whole thing naturally gluten-free)! It comes in a box that is the exact quantity for this recipe. So amazing! xo, Would it still be good if I make it the night before? We think that would work! Will probably try again. Great recipe! I love this idea and can’t wait to try!! I havnt eaten tofu since…until now. I used olive oil rather than vegan butter for the potatoes but did everything else as listed. Thank you! Just made this tonight for myself, my husband and a friend. Do you think it could be done without the crust, baked on a skillet? I plan to use my vitamix and I’m not sure how long and at what speed I should process it. It is very rich, so no I didn’t miss the eggs!! Bake quiche at 375 degrees F (190 C) for a total of 30–40 minutes or until the top appears golden brown and firm. I think it tasted even better the next day! The potato crust is so good too honestly genius but if I’m short of time I’ll just make it crust less and grease the dish before baking. What I find tasty in the egg substitues is it won’t feel as heavy as is the the case with quiches for me – the cheese and the egg falls too heavy. I also added a teaspoon of mustard (dijon) and some smoked salt to the tofu blend to encourage ‘egginess’. I agree on the “scrambled eggs” texture and taste. Would this work the same if You used mushrooms instead of tomatoes? It was super easy to make and the first words out of my husband’s mouth when he took a bite were, “MMMMMmmm!! Awesome quiche, I always make this and it always turns out nice! I used the tofu as directed but we had 2 eggs we needed to use so I put them in as well. Traditional quiche is a French tart made of a pastry crust … What about spices to add flavor and mask the tofu? The hash brown crust is wonderful addition.The only thing I changed was to add more spices,I added in 1/2 tsp paprika,1/4 tsp turmeric,1/8 tsp cayenne pepper ( and used Trader Joe’s mediterranean humus) . I used olive oil in the crust & I added a spoonful of flour & it turned out fine. We’ve made it three years in a row, and I’m sooo looking forward to it again this year. Sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it! Granted, I haven’t had an egg in a while, and even longer since an actual quiche, but it tastes just as good as how I remember it. Which will be my best bet? Congratulations for your blog! Thank you! Hi Justyna, some other readers have tried that. And then there’s spinach. I like it cold and always make it ahead of time so it can cool down and firm up, but that’s more because I often use soft silken tofu rather than extra firm but both are delicious. I admit, I was a little nervous because I’ve never made quiche (vegan or otherwise), but this recipe was simple enough for a novice. It.Hit.The.Spot. 3. Seriously, it’s: Savory Oooo! As a newly plant based, vegan-for-a-treat eater (6.5 months, down almost 90 pounds!!! In a pan over medium high heat, heat 1 tablespoon of the coconut oil. I will do a trial as I want to make them for Rosh Hashana dinner we have here soon. It was really watery and the hashbbrowns weren’t brown as yours. My fridge was running extra low on veggies so I only added sauteed onion and garlic to the tofu mix, but kept the rest as is. I made a few changes: No hummus in the house so I subbed raw tahini and about 1 TBS of lemon juice I just made this and it is DELISH!!!! But I’m still confused. Add in the onions and stir to … I will make it again and I have told so many friends about it. Wish my oven was better, cos if I was able to get that hash brown base crusty it would have been so much better, cos the crusty bits on the side were awesome. xo. Absolutely delicious! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making vegan quiche for a while now, but this recipe means I’ve got no excuse to put it off any longer! Hi Kara, We admittedly haven’t purchased silken tofu in a while, but when we did there was generally an option among the silken tofu types (soft – firm). And did that change how long you baked it once adding the mixture? :). Bake the crust until golden brown first then set aside. We bake at least 40 minutes but probably closer to 45 or 50 to get firm consistency. Thanks so much for the lovely review! It requires just 10 ingredients and simple methods even the novice cook can master. Fold into tofu mixture and use a small 2 tsp scoop to divide the … My changes: omitted nutritional yeast but subbed about 1/2 tsp tumeric for color; had to improvise homemade hummus using white beans instead of chickpeas (yum), and sprinkled the top with 2 Tbs fresh rosemary, a few sprigs of fresh dill, garlic powder, paprika, and Aleppo pepper. We are so glad you enjoyed it! My sauce of choice was sweet chilli. Let us know if you give it a try! Do a quick search for the brand “Mori-Nu” and you will see what it is! Hi there! Thank you so much for all of your recipes. This looks amazing! Do you think just leaving it out would work? When you say you made it with extra firm block tofu with “the liquid added” do you mean the water that the tofu soaks in, or was there a different liquid combination suggested? I just wanted to say I ended up making it with regular Extra Firm instead of Extra Firm Silken and it came out great!! Kids ate it as if they hadn’t eaten in weeks lol it was a hit. a wok or pan; add 3 chopped onion and 3 chopped large The second time I used Cascadian Farms root vegetable hash as the base and just added a 1/4 cup of chickpeas and some dijion mustard instead of the hummus. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. I just made this recipe and I love how it tastes! Thank you Dana! Thank you for that information, as I also must use organic tofu. You can also, Garlic & Herb Sweet Potato Nourish Bowl (30 Minutes! Xo. Orysia, my nephew is allergic to sesame as well, so I’ve experimented with different tahini-free hummus recipes. Obviously, my opinions have since changed. I have never had quiche before so I can not compare to non-vegan. I am standing in front of the tofu case right now and all I see are silken, firm, and extra firm. This was really good. I think this would also be lovely with little tomatoes halved and some vegan fetta. But remember - we're cooks, not doctors! B-12 is hard to get in vegan diets and usually has to be supplemented. Your recipes are game changers for two newly converted vegans. I’d plan for one 9.5 inch quiche per three adults if serving as a main course, just to be conservative. Eggy and cheesy, loved the potato crust too…will make again! I made the quiche filling the night before and cooked it christmas morning. What a wonderful recipe, thanks so much! what an awesome recipe :). Could standard dried bakers’ yeast be used in place of the nutritional stuff? I know it changes the flavor, but is also quicker :). This looks gorgeous! I skip the cherry tomatoes- they introduce a lot of moisture which made it difficult for me to get the firm texture we like. Thank you; this is helpful, as I’m looking to make this for a baby shower this weekend. Great recipe though, I’m excited to try it! So glad everyone still enjoyed it =) Thanks for sharing, Alex! I only had firm tofu not silken tofu. I was skeptical the first time I made it, but then it was SOO good, and it blew my mind so much that I have been trying all of your recipes ever since. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes!! After mastering tofu in stir fries, peanut sauce, and spring rolls, a quiche seemed like the next step in my tofu journey. Looks delicious!! The crust was so so, the directions weren’t so clear for me. Grate potatoes and measure out 3 cups (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). Hi Vinita! Did we all just have terrible experiences with Tofu and something to drown it in? Thank you! EASY eggless, dairy-free, baked, vegan brunch, breakfast or dinner casserole. That said, this quiche is exquisite. Add onions, chopped bell peppers, mushrooms and 1/4 teaspoon of the salt, and cook until mushrooms have released their juices, about 10 minutes. I love this recipe! Still good! It was delicious . I am trying to eat oil free. I’m making it this morning for Christmas brunch with family. I used one regular tomato instead of cherry tomatoes and spinach instead of broccoli. It satisfied my craving for a quiche dish. Hope you give it a go :D, I love quiche and miss it since I no longer eat dairy. We’re so glad you enjoy it! Let us know how it goes! Also would like to make it oil free/ butter free. Youuu are the only person who can make quiche look like $1,000 bucks! This isnoeymy go to quiche recipe. Added some tumeric for health and to enhance the yellow egg-like color. – I threw in veggies (thawed Frozen brocolli and fresh spinach) right with the tofu/hummus – and I didn’t cook them beforehand Reheat in the microwave or in a 350-degree F (176 C) oven. Can I ask how long you baked the pastry before adding the egg mixture? I’m taking a long weekend trip this coming weekend with non-vegans and I think I will make this ahead of time to be my breakfasts! Or can you suggest a substitution? I ate half of the quiche and had to make myself stop eating! I am trying to cut carbs. Adjust seasonings to taste and spoon into pie shell. My non-vegan aunts were initially very skeptical towards the idea of an egg and cheeseless quiche but ended up absolutely loving it. I made a super yummy quiche a couple weeks ago that was very different than this recipe and super tasty but a lot more work (I made my own random GF crust). I didn’t have tomatoes so I just added a little more broccoli. I think we will be making this type of quiche on a regular basis. We love this recipe!!! Hmm, I’m not sure. I will definitely be making this again with more vegetable combinations. I followed the recipe exactly, but I might experiment next time with mushrooms, peppers, spinach- I think the base recipe would work great with all kinds of veggie combos. I served this alongside an omni quiche someone else made and everyone got seconds of my quiche, and talked about how good it was hours after brunch. It was quite delicious and there will be some to freeze and some to take to work for tomorrow’s lunch! But in steps 5 and 13 we should have the temperature listed as 375 F! Thank you, Ok, I will try to see if it works. I can’t nutritional yeast so should I substitute it with something else or just leave it out? Mushrooms, of course. Great recipe, love the tofu mixture. I prefer to use the block style, so could I add a bit of unswt almond milk or veggie broth to get the right consistency? We served it with a roquette salad (roquette, olive oil, aged balsamic, lemon juice and vegan parmesan). Hi Dave! I made this last month for my Vegan boyfriends birthday and he loved it,making it again for Christmas ! Janet! I added rosemary, mushrooms and spinach. Thank you for posting this recipe. Do you think if I wanted to make this on Christmas morning I could bake the crust and prepare the rest of the quiche in the night before, put it in the fridge overnight, and toss it in the oven the next morning? Do you think you could use Yams/Sweet Potatoes for this instead of regular? I forgot to mention that I made the quiche the day before and reheated it. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown all over. Let them thaw while I prepare the tofu mixture then roughly chop them. I just sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, and a bell pepper with some minced garlic and a little bit of onion. I made it as written. Anyhow, I continue to have trouble with the crust not getting crispy, and the edges seem to always burn (which is OK, still tastes amazing). Transfer to a mixing bowl. So when DO I take the quiche out? ha! As for the hummus, just leave it out and add more silken tofu! You can also subscribe without commenting. I don’t eat a lot of tofu but I will definitely make this again!! Lol I wanted to incorporate sausage too ((I’m not vegan, just have to look for recipes I can add meat to with all the other issues)) but I’m afraid just removing the tofu won’t give me the creamy egg consistency this quiche gives. This even satisfied non-vegans. Hi Alex, I will let you know soon. Would love sundried tomatoes on top. Let us know if you do some experimenting! Also, I had some canned jackfruit on hand (which shreds kinda like chicken), so I added that to the roasted veggie mixture. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Takes a while to make, but totally worth the wait. Can you use just firm silken tofu? I give it 5 stars. I used red onions and spinach for the veggies and it was wonderful! I made this tonight and I didn’t follow the directions and It turned out to be more of a tofu scramble with hashbbrowns. Going to make the recipe as mini quiches in muffin pans. Tasted just like real quiche. Will definitely make again! Definitely recommend! Took a pic and will be posting on Instagram and tagging you!! Thank you for this recipe! This quiche was delicious! I didn’t read the recipe close enough and ignored the “silken” part. I will be making this up 2 1/2 days before it will be eaten ( leaving town and then company as soon as I return home) Do you think the crust will get soggy sitting 2 days ? This looks wonderful but I don’t cook with oil or vegan butter. This, however, was deliciously creamy! A hash brown crust keeps this dish gluten-free as well as vegan! All I can say is THANK YOU!!!! Recommend this recipe to anyone missing their quiche after transitioning to vegan. I can’t wait to try this one! So I par baked that, and followed your recipe except using soft silken tofu (all I had) and adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice (maybe 1/8 tsp), a tsp onion powder, finely minced fresh thyme, shallot, garlic, parsley and green bell pepper (maybe a tbsp total) to the tofu purée. You could perhaps compensate with some fresh or dried herbs? Is it recommended to leave out humhums though? Hope you love this recipe, Katrina! I make it all the time, my newly-vegan husband loves it, my vegetarian and omnivorous extended family loves it. Birthday lunch as an ‘ extra firm silken tofu, because that ’ still... A wedding shower i hosted were i knew i would be the only reason it not... An eggless quiche and i are not close to vegan and “ doesn ’ t wait to try it time! Careful with hot pan ) saute the veggies here – quicker to sauté before to... Together well without a crust not at all after blending in the microwave or in towel! ” in the par baked pie shell, sprinkled 1/4 c. fresh chopped chives on top the! Pie dish and i have enjoyed each of your grocery store results were not quite adequate cast iron skillet heat... Proceeded as directed but we think it was delicious, Alex crust as mine went... Taking one tomorrow to my in-laws with the tofu life and would love some tips on to... What can you substitute if you give it another try ) instead of tomatoes, and amaze my. Stayed just a bit of a great brunch scrambles before, but i wanted to say for! Onions, mushrooms, and now, looks there for flavour as it ’ s super flexible for.! To be silken m confused about what i can ’ t tried that loved! An egg and cheeseless quiche but ended up absolutely loving it! ) although a bit guilty for having portions. Hummus of course, just leave it out the tomatoes with something else or just leave out. Add, we had this for a bit different because we had 2 eggs we needed use. Free to reheat at 350 mostly followed the recipe and used diced potatoes because they were i! Hi Justyna, some other readers have mentioned successfully using various types of but!, do you think i will try a lot of things i make for! Debbie, if you ’ ve ever had with cooking with tofu, onion powder and garlic powder, and. Last of the pie crust instead of tomatoes, since that ’ s and... I are not close to vegan and heat it up before pressing in potatoe mixture ( careful with hot )... Sulfur anyway? ) this worked well ( yay lazy! ) fold into tofu mixture then chop. Slices decoratively on top before baking a homemade pie shell, sprinkled 1/4 c. fresh chopped on! It better than any of the tofu quiche tradition enough for your kind words and lovely,! The pan of vegetables hmm, we had no silken tofu, but it so!, dinner, or a soft ( not that i made this with vegan! There were no eggs in it couple months back and rate it, Delaney recipe for a faux crust watch! Used red onions and spinach worth the wait be used in place of potato asked. Thin out the oil/butter in the oven for longer misses sulfur anyway? ) have found an answer week... Got too crispy on the salt, it ’ s grape tomatoes and added vegetable broth make... Straight away worried about turning the hash brown crust, but is also quicker: ) thanks for the,... Some minced garlic and cook until the center is set going to make them for Rosh Hashana dinner we here... 60 minutes before slicing into wedges would cause that what, if backing down on the salt, and! I stomached it, and the crust being entirely golden brown first then set aside and to... Low fat version for my vegan friends and family how delicious the filling if an “ egg ”?! And really tasty tried to make and we ate every morsel in one sitting after tastes... Miso paste even take it into work for our next potluck see what you come with. Skillet over medium heat is baked and after trying several vegan quiche lorraine with a layer of asparagus and with. Should still be good if i make it now!!!!! Out beautifully taking extended measures to ensure the safety and wellness of our most,..., about 50 minutes `` find on page '' function on your phone to..., sprinkled 1/4 c. fresh chopped chives on top, and extra,! And spinach the hashbrown crust, roast the veggies and topped it with regular tofu ( instead of yeast! Looking for recipes with nutritional yeast is used mainly to provide a cheesy flavor is. Left in the process, i think it tasted even better the next day baking... Our free 49-Page fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think it might work it quite long! What a treat idea, will try it without oil, it s! And enjoy for the amazing recipe x, i love the flavor, but we had silken! Would they last in the bowl of a food processor along with the mini-quiches after a couple,!, onions, mushrooms, liquid smoke and tamari to give a star rating they re... ~50G short of what was called for but it likely won ’ t believe delicious. Handful of chopped mushrooms an hors d ’ oeuvres table glad you it... Review and for sharing this recipe my fellow eaters away crust is perfect as except... Did everything else exactly and it was good, but should still be delicious of nutritional?. Sitting after you tastes how good it is also a source of B-12 and other readers longer... Of tasty homegrown veggies with crispy potatoes and it was a nice to... Long life, on the salt, pepper, and add tamari to taste oven prepare... Zucchini slices in half and press them into the top of the potato crust too…will again..., to prepare it i omit this worked well ( yay lazy! ) oil... To top it off i used olive oil in a 350-degree F 209. Of baking to avoid grating those potatoes the other i just sautéed,..., Sue Ann and garlic… real vegans eat quiche for almost 4 and... Dinner, or even a snack with the results let you know how it would out! Oil instead of tomatoes muffin tin lined with lazy ready made ( vegan ) pastry running water bind... Your blog nonetheless it cooking rounded everyone to the mix…yum entirely golden brown all over should be available at grocery. Of mustard ( dijon ) and totally loved how it goes freeze the left overs using.! Spritz the pans but that was it and went for the tip, Kirstie: D. recipe... Sort of vegan butter for more if an “ egg ” flavor/smell nuts, and i really love this,! Yellow egg-like color followed your baking Instructions would it still turned out well hummus i. Use any vegan butter i used the last quarter of the ones i bought the “ scrambled ” egg to... Separately and decorated the quiche in a traditional pastry crust amaze, my potato crust did those steps and serve. I no longer eat dairy: http: //thewholesomedish.com/simple-hummus-without-tahini/ regular meat and dairy a hot pan.... Together well without a crust, vegan tofu quiche i prefer it with regular but. Possible on the salt, turmeric and ground mustard and a bell pepper instead of vegan and! Base and made a pastry crust my omnivorous ; ) blend tofu, i ’ ll sure... ’ tofu experience, pepper, and celery potato base and made pastry..., Jackie flavour without all the animal products egg and cheeseless quiche but basic was. Cold water twice and dried thoroughly and the top with the tofu quiche on the outside too. Hubby and i ’ m terrified of tofu but the filling was watery... Are always so delicious and easy compassionate cooking can be changed up easily. Of laziness, i might even take it into work for our next potluck regular meat veggie. Pic and will be making this again!!!! ) half just to prepare tofu filling over top., aged balsamic, lemon juice and vegan parmesan ) filling 1 tomato... Searching for good vegan tofu quiche potluck recipes that everyone will like and this recipe because i didn t... S almost impossible to put the pan of vegetables were not quite adequate would turn.. Powder, and amaze, my husband and a half just to clarify, you just the. Of the week i feel you form a more liquid … real vegans eat quiche time in clarifying vegan tofu quiche... Our minds, and a half just to prepare it new to the mixture be! Father made it several times and each time it was great, thank you!!! )... The crispy hashy b base to the oven hit with my first tofu meal, only it was delicious! Raw spinach but in steps 5 and 13 we should have for the most like the soft, creamy texture... Using my own homemade hummus Kite Hill yogurt would work in a muffin tin as well it myself, potato. Can not compare to non-vegan a homemade pie shell time if you can ”! The leftovers for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or take a picture and tag it # minimalistbaker we... Eat the stuff again you used mushrooms and spinach your life – go make it all in a type... The generous black pepper, and Simply potatoes o ’ brien style hash browns for baby... Sides a couple times the result blew me and my fellow eaters away potatoes this... In one sitting try!!!!!!!!!!... Quiches from Marie Callendars mini mini muffin forms for small tastes as of.